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50 Tricks to increase website ranking


Increase Website Rank

1. Use .htaccess to transfer domains from non-www to www (use redirect 301) 
2. Extend your domain for several years (recommended over 5 years) 
3. Make sure when clicking on logo of your site, they returned home dc 
4. If the font is too small of your website, go for it on the standard (such nè), SE may ignore your site if the font is too small 
5 Remove unnecessary plugins

Always insert contact information, or your contact page at the bottom of the page. 
7. Try to arrange your site in a CSS style sheet. 
8. Edit or remove the wrong link, or “dead” frequently. If you do not use “nofollow” 
9. Use alt tag for all photos, especially on homepage 
10. Eliminate iframes in your site, most SEs do not index iframes, it can make Both pages contain an iframe that is affected. 
11. Should create a robots.txt file for your website 
12. Should use a basic navigation for your site 
13. Use the same color for the link 
14. Check spelling in website content 
15. Format your website in a specific template
16. Should use at least 1 image per page with alt tag, do not think that removing all pictures can improve your site rank 
17. Create a about page for your site 
18. Provide information Your personal profile is clear about that page. 
19. Should include some photos about the page (such as logo, map …) 
20. Should remove the popup in your site 
21. Insert links to bookmarks, social networks After each article and about page 
22. Should insert a search engine for your site 
23. Create a privacy page for your site 
24. Link to personal terms below each page 
25. When rewriting the url should Use “-” instead of “_”. 
26. Google maps should be inserted into the contact page (about page)
27. Should insert the link from one page to another for site 
28. Use the separate META description tag for each page. 
29. Check the source code and fix the error 
30. Do not have a link exchange page 
31. Insert a box. Search the site at 404 error page 
32. Should create a sitemap for site 
33. Insert link to site map at the end of each page 
34. Should insert the copyright abc … line at the end of each page 
35. Underline the links at the website, this I find it a bit ugly so I usually delete it 
36. Turn off all music files, autoplay 
37. Should replace the Flash-animated = gif animated 
38. Put your site logo in per page
39. You should buy more .net domains. And redirect them to your site. 
40. Should create a support, help or FAQ page. 
41. When you answer a request, help should pay Do not use email, take them to the FAQ page if the question has been answered, update your FAQ regularly. 
42. Your full contact information should be provided at contact page 
43. It should insert code to statistics (analytics code) for your website in all pages, you can use histat.com, statcounter.com, or google Analytics, depending on your development orientation 
44 Remove all code that automatically adjusts the browser size of your visitors. 
45. Create a custom favicon for your site.
46. ​​Use only email @@miencuaban.com 
47. Set the attribute label = “” for all forms of your site 
48. Set a confirmation message when signing in or when posting, comment 
49. Update Your website regularly 
uses 50. Use W3C Compliant to check and fix errors that may affect the operation of SE bots.

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