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Find Email Address By Name Free Results

Need email addresses. And you need them quickly.

But have you tried to find someone’s email blindly? Address time-consuming. When you find contact information, your story will be stale.

Thankfully, we don’t ride blindfolded. We have tools to help locate email address in the shortest possible time. Many options exist, so we set out to find out which methods work.

Sometimes you need to locate a person’s email address you’ve never met. You may have found sales opportunities, and you’re not sure how to hit them. You can try to get an article published on a journalistic website and you don’t know how to contact the editor. You may want to send a message on social media to someone you know, but you… don’t want social media. Whatever your inspiration, use one of several email search tools

Here is the list of 7 tools and extensions that give you the free results and fast


Toofr + Rapportive


Verify Email

Email Checker

Mail Tester

Email Permutator + Rapportive


Accuracy: 90%

Speed: 30 seconds

Cost: 10 free searches,

Plans start at $49 for 100 email addresses AeroLeads was our favorite method because it was simple, easy to use and had a very high rate of success. But it’s one of the most expensive options. You will get ten searches free to test, but then plans start at just under $0.50 per search.

Of 20 email addresses, AeroLeads find 18. And finding the address only took an average of 30 seconds (after account setup and browser extension were added).

Toofr + Rapportive:

Speed: 1 minute, 54 seconds

Cost: free trial, plans start at $29 for 250 credits

Toofr was the most likely approach to return the correct email address in seconds. The downside is that it often returns a list of potential email addresses to check. And, while the correct email address is very likely in the top 3-5 tests, you must do the job (with Rapportive) to find out which one is wrong.

Author offers free trials and Rapportive is always available. After the test, plans start at $29 for $250 credits.

Of 20 email addresses, to find 19. The method takes a bit longer, but you can be sure the email address is right. The method lasted one minute and 54 seconds.


Accuracy: 65%

Speed: 31 seconds

Cost: 10 free credits per month,

Packages start at $9/mo. For 50 credits Sellhack is a super-fast, easy method, but not the most accurate. Although reliability is a loss, consider this approach very reasonably priced. If you can live with 65% accuracy, it’s a great option.

SellHack provides ten free credits monthly. And if you need more, it’s $9/mo. 50 Points.

Of 20 email addresses, SellHack found 13. The phase took 31 seconds.

Verify Email:

Speed: 1 minute, 21 seconds

Cost: 5 free searches an hour, plans start at $9.95/year for 1,000 bulk checks/mo.

Verify Email is a very easy tool to find anybody’s email address. This works especially well if you feel you already know the address and seek confirmation. If you take a shot in the dark, use the email permutator to help guess.

Verify Email provides five hour-free searches. Plans start at $9.95/year for 1,000 bulk checks/mo if you need more.

Of 20 email addresses, Check Email find 13. The method lasted one minute and 31 seconds.

Email Checker:

Accuracy: 65% Speed: 1 minute, 19 seconds

Cost: Free Like Verify Email, Email Checker works best when you think you know the email address or email structure.

Email Checker is free to use. Email Checker finds 13 of 20 email addresses. The method lasted one minute and 19 seconds.

Mail Tester:

Accuracy: 50% Speed: 1 minute, 28 seconds

Cost: Free Mail Tester is a great tool, it’s free. It’s one way to remove potentially bad email addresses and find one that works for you.

Of 20 email addresses, Mail Tester found 13. The system averaged one minute and 28 seconds

Email Permutator + Rapportive:

Accuracy: 50%

Speed: 2 minutes, 19 seconds

Cost: Free

This device rounds down our list as the slowest. Even though it’s slower than the rest, it doesn’t mean it’s still unhelpful. Rapportive noticed some email addresses others couldn’t pick. If you try to cover your bases with a free solution, Rapportive might be right for you

Free results and return results fast:

All these methods returned emails within 2 minutes. So why aren’t we saying that? Okay, note this post is about seeking someone’s email address. We suggest using two approaches to increase the likelihood of finding someone’s address.

The best recommendation we can give is to use AeroLeads first. Using Find Email Address or email verifier to see what email addresses you are lacking.

The median AeroLeads lead time was 30 seconds. The next fastest approach that AeroLeads skipped was email checker at 1 minute, 19 seconds. Combined, 1 minute, 49 seconds.


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