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How to Clean the contamination of the house

Experts say that around 70 million deaths occur every year as a result of pollution in the world. With the help of easy-to-breathe breathing, 10 out of ten people can be protected from various diseases, including stroke, lung cancer.

And respiratory diseases. Pollutant particles are present on our sides and continue to harm us, especially if these particles are indoors.

According to a study by the US Agency for Environmental Protection, in-house pollution is often two to five times higher than outside. Experts say indoor air pollution is as much as outside It also contains other contaminants inside the home, including materials used in building construction, certain ingredients used for cooking and cleaning.

There are some things that can help make the indoor atmosphere healthy.

Air drainage routes

As a result of inadequate routes for fresh air entry into the home, contaminated air remains inside the house. Windows and doors should be opened two to three times a day for fresh air in the home. The air and exhaust fan should be used in the kitchen and bathroom to expose hazardous particles and excessive moisture to the air.

Keep plants indoors

Plants can be kept indoors instead of expensive filters to clean the air. Some plants can clean the air’s hazardous components, these plants are an effective means to reduce indoor air pollution. What kind of plants to put in. Here are just a few of the plants that can be started.

Mini plant

This plant is easy to grow and maintain. This plant is useful for removing or reducing the harmful health chemicals emitted from carpets and oils.

Dragon tree

This tree is found in East Africa and is used in homes and offices for decoration. It also helps to cleanse the atmosphere from harmful health chemicals.

Snack plant

This plant absorbs carbon dioxide at night. To keep plants in the house, be careful that these plants naturally clean the atmosphere.

Eco-friendly Boca Eradication

Attempts to remove Boco’s synthetic aroma of materials used in construction materials emit more chemicals.
For example, home appliances or appliances that are not environmentally friendly and can be used to emit formal d-hydrochemicals that are linked to cancer-related diseases.

What is the solution?
For laundry products should be used that do not have a highly chemical scent and should be avoided using pressure exhaust spray which is used to clean the carpet and to absorb air. Sprays are also included.

Avoiding Smoking at Home

Cigarette smoking is harmful in itself and more harmful if done indoors. Collective smoking in the home can have detrimental effects on the indoor atmosphere, and especially in cases where air conditioning is non-existent. Appropriate cigarette smoke is also harmful to nearby people and can make them vulnerable to dangerous diseases.
Smoking near to newborns in the home can also result in sudden death.

Get rid of allergies.
Pollen and dust particles are likely to result in illness and are especially allergic to respiratory disease, pollen allergies and other types. Due to moisture in the air, these particles spread rapidly in the air and can affect them. Those who have lung disease.

What to do in this situation?

Experts say the problem should be solved in simple ways.
The bed should be cleaned regularly.
The carpet should be cleaned and try to use an environmentally friendly vacuum.
Dry the clothes near the window.
Place a mat mat on the door so that outside contamination does not come in. Use an extra moisture-cleansing device


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