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Iqamat -E- Deen and Maulana Maududi

Iqamamat-E-Deen is an ideology that gave the Ummah’s thoughtfully dispersed and practically frozen classes the right direction, intellectual confidence and unity, and practical movement.

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries aboard the boat of imperialism, which spread many seemingly beautiful but deeply rooted ideas in the corners of the world, especially in the Muslim world, they swiftly waged our faithless masses with no effort.

Lelia, as well as keeping many of our religious temperaments in a lot of troubles and confusion. Those who did so in response to their religious structure and the faith of their people, whose indulgence would be rewarded by them.

But this reaction was presented by them in a gloomy atmosphere in which it is natural for defects to exist. In the process of response, some things came up with the tip of the tongue and some actions were done by them that did not work as a cure for the disease.

In this critical situation, hundreds of protests were raised by each of our national class, and each class worked under its own specific strategy. Some people took a different route from the viewpoint of democratic scholars to align Islam with Western ideas, which resulted in severe criticism from the Ulema.

Protected by encamping in academic forts, some individuals individually confronted the Western ideas and ideals of Christian teachings who traveled the Muslim countries to promote their propaganda. What. May Allaah accept the efforts of all these gentlemen.

In spite of all these efforts, the Muslim world continued to live up to the image of Western civilization and was imitating the West in every respect. Whatever weapon the Ummah had for its competition and confrontation was undoubtedly enough, but there were very few who carried it in the field.

There was a need to develop new competing weapons from the materials already available, but there was a lack of sophisticated philosophers and sophisticated composers specializing in Islamic sciences. In the West, one can say that the intellectual volcano had exploded and its effects were being seen everywhere in this material world.

The West was very proud of its awareness, and it was true that for a nation that expresses itself in the dark ages of the Dark Ages, for it is scientific, political, economic and social. On the surface, it was a must to be proud of revolutions. Their sense of humor was motivating them to move around the world like a seawall.

The Ulema were involved in the construction of the dam and were very successful, but the dam was being constructed along the course of the rivers rather than in the main river. All the Westernism was spreading through the wings of political ideas, such as Christianity in the subcontinent, largely entering the imperial era of Britain, even if there were attempts before.

۔ My point is that this was essentially a body of Western political ideology on which other atheist ideologies were riding. His political ideology was the real river whose closing was the key to locking the gateway lock. It was a complicated situation. The scholars were very worried about what should be done immediately.

The complexity of the complex situation was further compounded by the fact that the Ulema could not be able to confront the West unless they had thoroughly reviewed Western ideas and ideas. Western ideas existed in pure English language, and the new generation began to teach English in the new Western-style theories, which resulted in a new generation seeing Western civilization.

In this situation, Allama Iqbal took a deep look at Western civilization and proved it hollow and blew the greatness of his religion into the new generation of Muslim Ummah.

نظر کو خیرہ کرتی ہے چمک تہذیب حاضر کی
یہ صناعی مگر جھوٹے نگوں کی ریزہ کاری ہے
اقبال کو شک اس کی شرافت میں نہیں ہے
ہر ملک میں مظلوم کا یورپ ہے خریدار


At the same time, there is a person who has raised all political views of the West by presenting the political ideology of Islam as a solution to all the problems of the world. He is the person of Allama Syed Abouali Ali Maududi, who injured the bird of Western ideas and cut it on him and could not fly it. Instead, they presented a permanent, political, economic and social ideology of Islam in the form of a religion.

He answered satisfactorily and reasonably well with all the questions that were being raised about the Islamic system that was facing the West, he put forth the whole process of establishing an Islamic state in modern times Placed a perfect and spectacular map of the entire scenario of the Islamic State before the humanity. There is definitely room for disagreement with his views, as no scholar has been devoid of religion throughout Islamic history.

Maulana Maududi tried to defy every kind of scholarly disease in the West from the extensive literature on the Koran. The same ideology unleashed its force on the waves of Western ideology and unleashed its vigor, dismantled Western contagion, ruined the beauty of Western terminology, and created a great stir in Western intellectuals.

This is not a new theory that Syed Maududi proposed, but rather, he removed this idea from the literature ignored by the Ummah and introduced the new Ummah with its precious heritage from which the Ummah has long since. Change was taking place.

As a result, for the new generation, conservatism became an ideology that outlined Muslims in every field of life to follow Islamic teachings. Maulana Maududi explained how an ideal modern Islamic state can be created and successfully run in accordance with the principles of the Qur’an and Sunnah in modern times. One of Pakistan’s leading lawmakers. of the.

Brohi (A.K.Brohi) challenged that if anyone can prove to me that the Qur’an has its own constitution and constitution, I will award it five thousand rupees as prize money. Maulana Maududi replied to the effect. of the. Listen, what happened to Brohi Sahib: “Gentlemen, I am an educated foreigner. I have understood the law subjects from its roots. I heard Syed Maududi’s statement that the Qur’an should be made part of the Islamic tradition. I declared that if someone proved the Qur’an as a book of law, I would give him five thousand prizes. Ghulam Malik Sahib wrote to me through Syed’s writings that in fact, the Quran is a book of the law to the world.

A.K.Brohi was emaciated and said, after death, will Allaah be with me. What good will I do? In fact, I have to say that the way in which Allama Maududi confronted the West with ideas and ideas was rare and charming, which only changed the minds of modern educators and helped them to be saved from eternal disgrace.

Allama Maududi said that my life-long study tells me that the powers that have tried to take shelter in fortresses can never survive in the world. I could understand their view that if the Islamic system was only confined within the confines of a madrassa, mosque or monasteries, the result would be that we would be considered a victim of today’s society.

Therefore, this Islamic system should be removed from MASJIDS, MADRASSAS, and monasteries and implemented in every part of society.

t is also a fact that the morality of the nation which has the leadership and the morality of the nation whose sword is superior to the battlefield is automatically influenced by society. The example of the West today is that the majority of Muslims have adopted the style of the West.

The need and significance of this theory was such that the leading scholars of the sub-continent leaned towards it and joined a group formed on the basis of this ideology. After that, many scholars disagreed with Maulana Maududi, and they became marginalized, a separate debate that has no bearing on the concept of religion.

But the importance of the religion of religion is in its place intact and unavoidable. Allama Maududi presented the concept of Iqamatin in a systematic form and devoted his entire struggle to promoting the same ideology. Maulana Abul Hassan Ali Nadvi speaks of Jabaja Iqbal Din in his book, Dr. Israr Ahmed established his organization for the same Iqamat-e- Deen and Maulana Amin Ahsan Islahi was also a follower of Iqbal. However, the Muslim Ummah, the wide-eyed and wide-minded scholars were the first to try and propagate the religion of Islam.

But, sadly, the majority of us do not understand it.

Some understand the purpose of religion only to establish madrassas, some go from one mosque to another and only to read one sermon. Some have understood the purpose of religion, some have considered it only the purpose of religion to speak on matters such as Rafa-ya dain, etc.

Some have considered it the purpose of religion to read aloud in the mosques after praying aloud. Sitting in the ranks and building mosques is considered the purpose of religion, nowadays some so-called scholars have considered the debate the service of religion and some gentlemen only It is considered the purpose of religion to preach glorious sermons by sitting on the missionaries.

I cannot talk about what is the real motive behind all these gentlemen, but it is important that they are deceiving themselves and the people too far from the true religion.

The revolutionary conception of the religion of Islam is a powerful slap in the face of Western civilization, which has challenged the revolutionary spread of Western thought. That is why the world is in danger of being the holder of this thought.

The religion of Islam provides a solid foundation for the transformation of the Ummah, on which, if worked diligently, it is not far from the day that Islam will dominate the world. The ideological conservatism demands its workers to act, demands them to be lazy and lazy, and to demand the sacrifice of their lives and property for their welfare. The religion of the Resurrection is not merely a sermon on the pulpit, but in its nature, it requires practical warriors in the field of action.

The West’s politicalism sheds its bloodstream for its spread, fascism, Nazism, Communism and other religions that have urged its followers to make the public know that history is shamed by shame.

In contrast, the holders of the religion of religion offered the standard of morality that humanity is proud of. The holders of the religion of religion were hanged on the coals, disgraced in the streets, displaced from their homes, and eventually deported. Despite all this oppression, the standard of morality which he presented in his distinction is not found throughout history.

Written by Shahbaz Rashid Bhorro in URDU  and translated by M.S.AKRAM in ENGLISH

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