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‘It’s time for Facebook to be regulated’

Facebook is misusing its dominance over social networks

while acting like a ‘digital gangster’ and considers itself ‘above the law’.

This is what the British Parliament’s digital, culture, media, and sports committee revealed in a report published after a year-long investigation.
The British Parliament wrote in its report that Facebook deliberately violates privacy and competitive laws and should be brought under the new rules.
The report accused Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg of insulting the British Parliament, who refused to attend the British Parliament on three occasions.
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The report investigated the spread of fake news and misinformation on the social media site, during which 73 witnesses were heard and 170 received written responses.
The committee analyzed Facebook’s role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal as well as its approach to privacy issues.
The report states that “democracy faces difficulties in spreading misinformation and targeting citizens through dark advertising; most of the social media platforms we use daily are directed by agencies in other countries, including Russia. let’s work’.
According to the report, large technology companies are failing to fulfill their duty of action against hazardous materials, but they are unable to defend their privacy rights.
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The committee defended that Facebook deliberately does so and exposes officials who provide poor briefings in areas such as electoral interference.
The report suggested drastic measures for British authorities to enforce stringent rules on technology companies that would force them to remove illegal content from their site.
Dangerous content should be defined under ethical rules.
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An independent and independent regulatory authority shall enforce this Code of Conduct.
New rules apply for online political advertising.
Facebook’s public policy manager, on the other hand, said in a statement that the company was aware of the committee’s concerns and was working to improve its mechanism.


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