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SEO trends 2018 has nothing to change

By the year 2014 the way to top SEO is very simple, just posting ads, many Web links pointing to TOP. In 2015 Google has a new update, now Google introduced algorithms to prevent. Spam issues. At this time SEO is getting harder, but Seoer is also more adaptable and has a smarter and more accurate way, Seoer is still plagued but they do not plow in a “disagree” that is more selective and Good life with Google. From 2015 until now Google has updated the algorithms, Bots are able to read photos, see a really good quality website to appreciate. For example. : Website has long time ontime is appreciated, good onpage website, good content website, no copy, bring good user experience is appreciated … I  picked up the other member’s idea, but  I have not seen any web backlink but still TOP.)

So what is the SEO trend of 2018? 

In my opinion, there are not too many changes compared to 2017, we should focus on the following ways:

  1. Focus your content on SEO content.Many years ago, we assumed that “keyword density” (the percentage between the number of occurrences of a word or keyword phrase to the total number of word words in your site) was one numbers are especially important.To keep the “golden ratio” of the keyword density, many people have tried to cram them into their posts.This is unlikely to make your article more or less, you just write to google read, not write to the user experience.To now, this is no longer true when Google is now using RankBrain – artificial intelligence to handle their search results. So, you should think more about keyword topics and long keywords next to the short keywords to support, complement each other make articles become smoother. In summary,

Backlink is still “Queen”. Although many people say that backlink is not much effect even have no effect on the current trend. However, my backlink is still “Queen”. If you have a good content then there should be referrals to other people so they know about you, backlink still plays such a role. However, you should avoid absolutely no SPAM link, no matter how algorithm changes you will not be affected.

  1. Traffic “gods”.This is also an important factor in ranking your keyword rankings.So trying to get a lot of traffic is still a very important trend in SEO 2018. Traffic is derived from many sources from the forum, MXH … Summary: You see, although Google has changed the art. But SEO for the SEO trend is still not change, there is only change that way. x

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