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Trading binary options on days PFN

  Trading binary options on days PFN

trading binary options, options trading, binary options trading, stock options, forex binary options

trading binary options, options trading, binary options trading, stock options, forex binary options, binary options trading strategy, binary options brokers 

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Trading in the days of the release of the NFP (nonfarm payrolls) economic reports, we can say that it represents a real challenge in binary options. This report usually provides the possibility that at least one false move, so traders are particularly careful when conducted on the basis of economic reports. NFP The term refers to the report on employment outside agriculture in the private sector, and is accompanied with unemployment.

rough estimate is that the report meets 80% of the income of workers in the United States, so it is evident when we see that the report does not cover employees in the public sector such as government members, employees of non profit, independent, and farmers. PFN driving the binary options market, but if we consider that the economy of the largest US economy in the world that has a great impact on the rest of the world economy, it is clear why traders eyes are the exact dates of publication of US economic reports. See the two videos that we bring in the article and learn more about binary options trading based on the report of the PFN.

comercio de opciones binarias, Opciones binarias, opciones binarias 10
comercio de opciones binarias, Opciones binarias, opciones binarias 10, 

Dual mandate of the Federal Reserve and the unemployment rate

The common denominator for trade by economic reports is the monetary policy of central banks. Federal Reserve known for its dual mandate. What it really means the dual mandate of the Federal Reserve? This means that when setting monetary policy and the movement of interest rates, the Fed looks at two things. The first is, of course, the rate of inflation or price stability, which serves as an indicator and all other central banks, and the other is creating jobs and promoting employment. Therefore, their business and the key underlying monetary policy of the United States is to stimulate the economy to create new jobs and increase employment and reduce the federal reserve

NFP report is released on the first Friday of each month and usually it is said that the first price change after reports false reality. Of course, we can not know if this is just a hundred percent accurate, but it would be wise to trade binary options with maturity time for the end of the day, because the level of high volatility and the market is moving very aggressively. Therefore, the wisest short-maturity option and not the decision.

NFP report causes volatility as the central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve has a dual mandate, the PFN is probably the most important economic report caused strong market trends. The main objective of the Fed is to maintain the level of inflation below but close to 2% and job creation. It is this second sentence makes economic reports on employment / unemployment is so important for traders.

Traders also try and get as much as possible the findings of figure PFN other reports that could affect the outcome of the PFN, such as:

ADP is published the same week that the report of the PFN, but on Wednesday, allowing a forecast two days to spend the PFN. Although the ADP was almost direct indicator of the PFN, however, provides information on the state of the US economy and, for example, then you can expect that the strong ADP report that expectations break report NFP, so so one of the options trading that has a good chance to finish in a benefit option was buying a currency pair USDJPY example.

Jobless Claims / continuing claims. It must be submitted once a week, on Thursdays and an indication of the differences in the number of new entrants to unemployment benefits and those who had already received. Traders follow him as a strong indicator of unemployment. If the report figures are growing, and growing unemployment, but is subject to great volatility, it is necessary to observe the trend emerged from the report of the age of three months in order to get an idea of ​​the number of PFN.

Last but not least, reports are related to the state of the US economy and have included a component of employment. This report is, for example, the ISM (Institute for Supply Management), or a report on manufacturing. An employment component including providing a rare insight into the potential number of PFN. However, that is not very promising is that sometimes comes after the ISM report of the PFN, therefore, in these months, traders can not trust him.

Because the Federal Reserve creates monetary policy and interest rates using data on the number of jobs, we can say that a strong NFP number implies a strong US economy, with the resulting monetary expansion. When traders buy option on USD in the period between the announcement of unemployment to elect its expiry at the end of the month. According to their logic, this choice should be more profitable than selecting a short period of maturity.

Trading binary options is based on the monitoring of economic reports is called fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis with technical analysis backbone of the binary trading strategy most traders.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

As already mentioned, the key to trade binary options based on an analysis of the major world economies economic reports analysis. Technical analysis, by contrast, is based on a variety of graphics and technical indicators. Technical analysis involves actually taking data on the left side of the table and predict market movements on the right side of the graph with the help of these data. And the technical and fundamental analysis are of great importance traders, but differ in the methods they use. Fundamental analysis focuses on economic indicators and changes that make macroeconomic level, while traders binary options trading technical analysis focus placed on technical indicators and use them choosing options trading is used.

Binary Options Brokers

FBO-AWARD-HR 16S our view, if a trader wants to increase the number of winning trades, should learn as much as possible about the analysis and how to use them. Something more about technical analysis can be found in the charts of binary options. We write and binary trading for beginners to help traders who are starting in the exciting world of Forex closer to the first steps to success options. However, all the knowledge and experience of falling in the water if an operator chooses binary options broker wrong. Binary Options Fair on the top of the list can be a list of brokers that we provide superior service. Traders who prefer to deal with a reputable agent, a list of them can be found under the name of regulated binary options brokers.

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