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Types of Forex Broker


Types of Forex Broker
We will show you the best brokers to choose

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Whether you are new to the arena of investment and you want to invest today? Well, today there are a number of types of brokers in the foreign exchange market. Their services you can easily access online. These are some of the main tipolva forex brokers that are currently available:


1. Institutionalized Forex brokers – these are brokers that are directly attributable to the investment market. Basically, they are made up of more than two hundred banks that form an association, representing around 50 percent of trade on Wall Street. Given that only banks can participate in trading, not recommended to beginners investors invest here. Some of them are ACM, https://www.home.saxo/, http://www.fxcm.com/, AFEX, and others.
2nd Bucket Shop’s – these are brokers who practically are not related to foreign exchange market. They generally transact currency options and futures. They are recorded transactions that generate retail traders but they do not carry out the foreign exchange market. This amounts to a way of betting against other retail brokers, so beginners investors only need to invest with the help of bucket shop’s when they have a large share capital.
3rd Institutionalized market brokers – are very closely related to the foreign exchange market. Investors beginners are welcome to invest here, but it is necessary large sum of capital. The best examples are the NASDAQ, FXALL and others.
4th The retail market brokers – they generally offer unlimited scope of trading services in the foreign exchange market. Some are intermediaries for access to the forex market, while others are directly linked to trade on the forex. Some of them are Gain Capital, FXCM and others.
5th Bookmakers – bookmaker makes a profit on the difference spreads. These brokers are generally not associated with the foreign exchange market. The best example is the Delta Index.
In the event that the first time you invest, it is important to seek the help of a broker with experience because they are professionals who are already familiar with the operation of the market. These are some of the advantages of forex broker:
It helps you to learn – brokers are friendly. It will help you to learn more about the forex market and show you what to do. I’ll explain the legal framework that is tied to the forex market and general business on the stock exchange.
Investing abroad – most people began to foreign investment. Access broker who is versed in foreign investment could mean an open door to a multitude of investment opportunities.
Asset Management – the broker in charge of your funds or both or each other. That broker manages your investments on different foreign exchange markets for a small fee.
Portfolio management – in case you are new to investing, or if you do not have enough time to yourself you do not need investments to be concerned, because the broker will do everything for you. Extend your investment in the most profitable way of investing in stocks and shares in accordance with the level of risk you are willing to bear.
Social Trading
The new form of trading is taking the world at high speed: Social trading or trading in the mirror. It is very easy to explain and understand: financial institutions (mainly, brokers) offer the opportunity to see what other traders are doing and copy their trades. Most small investors to suffer losses in the Forex market, but there are few who can achieve a certain constant earnings. They are those traders who have managed to overcome their fears, greed and all the emotions that may be impaired in a successful trade, those who manage their risks appropriately and so generate profits.
All new traders can perform an assessment of these professional traders, choose one or more of them using a financial services company or broker and can link their accounts to the account of a professional trader. Now everything becomes much easier, because the trade successful traders are copied directly to TVAS account. Some companies or brokers among its financial services offer only the ability to manually copy shop, while the use of any other products, you can feel free and turn off your computer, because the entire process is performed automatically. Now let’s talk about some of the companies and brokers that offer financial services social of trading / trading in the mirror.
Currensee. The company was, in 2008, founded the software developer Asaf Yigal and forex trader Avi Leventhal. Their goal was reaching a new level of intuition in retail trade and allowing traders to real-time to see what others are doing and to share their trading strategies.
Traders connect their real brokerage account with Currensee Trade Leader has (Guiding traders). Curensee carefully tested all the leading traders on the basis of performance in the past and the effect in real time. You can assign its assets to Lead a trader you want to track, and then you can not modify the assigned sum if you notice that the effect of the Lead traders decreases. You can also add stop monitoring the leading traders in real time. Of course, in real time, you can monitor the trade carried out, and Currensee have granted full control of risk management.
Ayondo also offers trading in the mirror, like Currensee-ROM. First you need to choose the top traders. Standings of all kinds can be found at Ayondo’s list: the best trader certain currencies in the last period that you choose, or the best trader who closed their shops in the last 15 minutes and so on. Then the selected traders add to your list for the monitoring and from this moment you can see its current levels of disruption or loss making profits. Notices live let you know when you selected a trader opens a new position or modify existing. You can add up to five traders in its list to monitor, and also can remove them from it whenever you want.
If you want to automatically copy selected a trader, you need to open a brokerage account with one of their broker partners. As soon as deposits into the account, you can associate it with Ayondo infection and can begin to copy the traders that you choose.
Among the brokers that offer social trading, it is necessary to mention the eToro. Their platform OpenBook allows you to view the real trade, carried out by real people in real time, and then copy them. Think of it as a large network where traders constantly receive feedback on the decisions of other traders live. In this way you can implement more of my decisions on trade, and you can move the discussion on trade with other traders. Using the Copy option traders (CopyTrader) can automatically keep track of selected traders, while maintaining complete control over your account, but also at any time you leave the shop or stop to watch the selected traders.
Since you are new small investor, you must have a lot of information and all the help you can get, as well as plenty of offers social of trading, because it takes more than one way of thinking in order to become better and to help you make good decisions on trade.


Forex is, without doubt, the business is increasing, however, you can earn in this business and in other ways I’m trading: you can become a broker initiator (Introducing Broker or IB), associate or partner brokers. This means that you will help to broker in finding clients and for this. Let’s see what brokers offer, and how you can make a profit from the partnership.

eToro, like many other brokers, offers you the opportunity to become IB (broker initiator). Broker initiator can be an individual or a company that already has its customers.

As a pioneer broker eToro’s will have the opportunity to all registered customers familiar with a wide range of financial products such as forex, commodities and CFDs. If you want to become eToro’s IB, you have to be a company that offers financial services, provider of online services in finance, provider education on trade or to deal with asset management. If you belong to any of these categories, you can fill in and send the application form, and one of their managers IB task will get in touch with you and discuss the specific business opportunities.

The advantage you have eToro-you Brokers uvodioci is the possibility of running a business without the risks associated with ownership. So, if you already have clients and they recommend eToro.com, on the way you are to become eTorov IB.

Another option is to apply for their program White Label (white label). They offer brokerage services, management of customer care, service internal business and marketing support. In other words, everything you need to work in the world of online shops on the financial markets.

 As a pioneer broker Markets.com, are your customers or to do you meet with them and you can earn up to 25% of all of their trades. You get access to the service of internal operations and all reports and accounts – all you need to know about the income that your customers and connections made are shown in real time. Your network associates achieved a certain volume of trade, and you get a commission. Well, so is easy.

Markets.com also has a collaborative program for owners of sites and impressive program for those who manage money. You will get also a lot of marketing and educational materials that can help you to better promote your business

Alpari UK also offers a popular IB program. As soon as you start to bring them a new job, you begin to collect fees. Of course, the sum of fee depends on the volume of trade introduced clients. They offer experienced and friendly team support in multiple languages; good conditions of compensation that can be paid to your account immediately after the close of trading by your clients; a unique link that will facilitate the monitoring of clients that you recommend. 

As a broker FXCM’s, offer you more personalized options: competitive compensation, a large volume of platform and marketing tool. CPA program (Cost Per Action – price per activity) is best used if you have your site and users recommend FXCM, but in this case you do not know exactly who are your customers. CPA program is simple and represents the best option if you have a large number of clients. You will receive a unique link that you can place on your site, you get a commission every time a customer registers on AVAFX using this link and close at least one trade. CPA program is very popular and the best way to recommend sites for users, networks, bloggers and data managers. 

Saxo Bank has more than 250 brokers pioneer worldwide. If you become a broker pioneer will have the opportunity to work with one of the world’s largest banks and one of the most reliable broker that you can ever find. You and your clients offer an enormous amount of trading products, award-winning platform, the liquidity of top banks and very fast execution.

Another possibility presents Easy Forex. They also provide the ability to profit by recommending clients regardless of whether you have a large number of personal connections or a visited site. They will do business with you and find an appropriate way that the prize. To become a partner of Easy Forex, it is necessary to deal with online marketing, own a site or to be an agent. They also have a program of the White labels and provide you with extensive knowledge and IT support.

Affiliate Programs offered by brokers are a great way to earn money from the forex market without the high risk of investing in trade, but as you can see, there are some requirements to qualify for the partners, associates or broker uvodioca.

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