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We should encourage children

At night, the bulging bulbs remind Edison of science. Edison’s name does not need any introduction in scientists. An episode of Edison’s childhood is famous when he was in school, one day Edison’s teacher sent him a letter.

Giving it to his mother. Edison handed the letter to his mother as soon as he got home. I read the letter, then there were signs of trouble on his forehead, but the next moment he was handling himself. Started reading this letter aloud:
“Your son is very intelligent, we don’t have teachers by his mental standards, you should choose another teacher for him and teach him at home.

By saying that, Edison’s mother began taking Edison’s invitations.

On hearing this, a wave of joy rang out in Edison, and he began to read aloud with his new teacher, several years after the incident, when Edison became a great scientist and his mother passed away at a time. One day, looking for something old in the cupboard, she saw the same letter in her closet that her teacher had written several years ago, when Edison opened the letter by repeating it. Here are some of the words.

“Your child is very disabled, we can no longer teach this child in our school, you can choose a teacher at home for him.”
After reading these words, Edison was astonished that his mother had said something else to him. Now Edison realized that his mother had said these hypothetical things to my encouragement and encouragement. If Edison’s mother repeated the same words, perhaps Edison, today’s “Edison, who is not a famous scientist,” would have been the words that inspired Edison’s mother to lament the great scientists.
As parents, children have to be careful about everything at all times, because everything and every action has an impact on young children. The environment around their children and the role of their families are important for children’s personality building. There are many things parents should take care of when training older children so that their self-esteem is not compromised.

Some children do not need encouragement, they do something on their own, but there are some children who need encouragement. Encouraging and positive thoughts can bring lasting benefits to children. Teaching well-meaning words can have a positive impact on children, even when teaching well and doing a good job.
Let’s talk about some of the ways that can help children move forward. Appreciate every child’s good behavior and good things. Give building blocks in the form of gifts to little ones, thus testing children’s mental abilities. Help the girls get kitchen utensils and carts, etc. They can also sit with them in the challenge of building blocks.

Give them a challenge and ask for it to be fulfilled.

Try to test the mental abilities of children in different situations. Appreciate them when they have a difficult task. Let the children find a solution for themselves. Learn how to solve problems in the absence of parents. Let them get bored. By being lonely and bored, they will learn how to use time and comfort better.

It is better to set a daily routine for them.

Send children to different classes where they can exercise physically and mentally. Encourage them to share the difficulties they face. Parents’ Problems You should also know. Solve any problem together so it will help them to deal with problems with increasing age.

Embracing children to teach empathy.
Ask the children to help with the work, so they will learn different things and they will be able to make better use of the time. A family routine should be set up to spend more time with the children. Moral values ​​will also be learned.

Do not allow the habit of watching TV before going to bed.
Getting rid of this habit will enable the children to get better sleep. Keep expressing love with their children. Teach them that there is no need to lose motivation for not getting good marks in exams, so they will know that in a competitive environment.

How to be steadfast.
Ask them to do a variety of exercises that will help them feel mentally relaxed and at the same time take a stress-free routine.
Keep children motivated to study, so they will get to learn many new things too. Always do not just say goodbye to everything, continue to point out the shortcomings of the children but also to identify them with great sophistication. We will know when he was doing wrong and when he was doing well. A very large physician in our country says that he was not interested in reading in childhood.

The teacher used to be unhappy with them. Once his father graciously explained to him that he did not turn away from the wealth of knowledge, it was necessary to get an education for the son who has the skills.

You will soon become a grown man by getting an education. Because he promised to take an interest in education and attend regular school, when he was eight years old, his mother hired a teacher to teach at home.

Qualified teachers knew that the best way to educate children who lost their education was to be encouraged and to be taught in sports. Thus, the child seemed to be interested in education. He asked them, “Son, just think that I have sixty ludos and ten baskets. Tell me how many equal baskets I should put in each basket.”

The child thought something and said “oh this is a very simple question. There will be six laps in each basket.” Well done! You answered correctly. The teacher spoke happily.

The child said, “Oh wow I enjoyed reading. This is how you ask more questions. ”In this way, a child was encouraged to study by encouraging a child and studying in sports. With the encouragement of his teacher, he started passing good marks in class.

Everyone here will wonder who this person is. So let us tell you that he is the proud physician of our country, Adeeb-ul-Hassan Rizvi. Everybody in the world wants people to have good thoughts about it. The person wants his or her partner to encourage him. That’s why thanks to the enthusiasm, so much has been seen in the media.

It is the encouragement that the boys who sell newspapers on the streets have become millionaires. And the weak wolves became powerful wrestlers. The uprising has revolutionized the lives of thousands but also millions of people.


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