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Will the Petroleum consuming vehicle soon be finished?

 Incoming 8 years, petrol consuming vehicles, buses or trucks would not be sold, and the transportation system of the whole sub-continent would be shifted to the electricity consuming vehicles which would cause the extreme diminishes in the costs of petroleum, which would ultimately lead to the destruction of the industries.

Moreover, those industries would also be destroyed who didn’t adopt this industrial revolution at the time. The cost of raw petrol would decrease from 25$ per barrel. It would be difficult to find petrol stations, and people would prefer to ride the rented car rather than using their own vehicles. Basically, cars would become a running computer.

Such speedy revolutions would cause issues for the vehicle industries. Because they would have to pay attention to make electric vehicles instead. Professor Shiba’s report has produced extreme restlessness in international carmakers and oil-producing companies.

In this way, Oil producing Arav Countries would again have to face poorness as they used to suffer in 1950. Also, they aren’t successful in learning a lesson from their past.

Instead of making a strong economy based on knowledge as followed by Fin Land, Korea, and many other countries, they wasted their wealth to have luxuries in their lives and to purchase weapons from western countries.

This wealth could be spent on batteries technology which helps to cover the longer distances and does not need to charge it again and again. The critical update was that batteries could be charged within two minutes which is done by changing the electrolyte of the batteries.

Hence, there would be battery stations instead of petrol stations in the near future where electrolytes would be replaced instead of pouring petrol, and it would be named “ Fluid Batteries,” and this method was invented by a professor of Perdew University. 40% of the total cost of an electric car consists of batteries.

Hence, researches are being made to produce powerful batteries at less cost. As per the international reports, the cost of the electricity produced by the batteries reduced to $139 in 2012 from $542, and it is expected to decrease further up to $100 per Kilowatt.

The performance of electric cars is much better as compared to petrol consuming vehicles which can cover the distance of

hundreds of miles within minutes and can cover 350km of distance when charged only once. The price of the electric car is decreasing day by day. In 2022, the cost of an electric car would be just $20,000. and electric cars won’t be made anymore.

As per the prediction of Professor Shiba, all new cars in 2025 would run on electricity and India his included in the race of technology. India plans to end all the petrol and diesel-consuming deices till 2032.

India is forcing the people not to use diesel, gasoline or fossil fuel consuming vehicles. China plans to produce 70 lac electric cars from 2025. At this time, we are observing a huge change that would prove to be a revolution in the technology and how the petroleum and car industries were diminished and how the international economy was destroyed.


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