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👍we offer guest posts.
we are glad to see you here .you can write on any topic.


Requirements of Guest Posting:

Your post must have at least 700 words. ( minimum)

Your piece needs to be unique./

  1. The article must be 100% unique bypassing any plagiarism checker tool like copyscape.com and fresh

  2. . Article title must be limited within 40 to 80 characters which are relevant to content and keywords.

  3. You also have to send meta descriptions and keywords relevant to the content.

  4. Once your published articles you can’t re-published to anywhere

  5. You have to send royalty-free images or images URL with content, otherwise, we don’t accept guest posting.

  6. If you want us to add some more topics/niche just feel free to contact us 

  7. Submission:

    Blogger may submit any number of original, exclusive articles and non-exclusive digital images for publication on the BOT. To maintain an active status as a guest blogger, we suggest that you submit at least one post per month. Kingbotteam reserves the right to reject any original article for any reason.

  8. Standard:

    We will not accept posts that cover basic-level information found all over the web. We will not accept posts that lack focus, have loose sentence structure or do not have a clear call to action. We will not accept poorly written posts that contain bad grammar or punctuation errors. Please add one or two links within your article.

If your articles are ready as per our guidelines, don’t feel hesitate to send the article.

If you’re still interested in guest posting for us, and we haven’t frightened you off just go-ahead.

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